living dolls

Lately there has been a lot of controversy on the web about 'living dolls'. People who either adore them or hate them, think they are pretty or creepy. So do I think this is 'bad'?

No, not necessarily  who am I after all to say that the way someone else chooses to express themselves is wrong or weird. If I think back to my years of me and my friends running around dressed in half-cosplays half-Gothic Lolita just to have fun, is this really any different. We just didn't have the luxury of internet or we most likely would have used it as these girls are. How about when we all used to play dress up as children. I think in one point in any little girls life she has tried being a 'living doll'. The only difference is these girls are really good with make-up!

Now this goes on to how they Photoshop or surgically enhance themselves to look that way. True or not it is their decisions and if we don't like it, we should find something else to craze about.

so I have been going on about this without properly explaining what this term is. Well in truth it basically explains itself. living- girls and dolls-dolls. These are girls who dress up and make-up to look like dolls,
further more they actually do. Tiny body, fair skin, silky hair and big eyes (jealous yet?).
So without further a do:

Kotakoti/ Dekota Rose

She is 16 year old and her pictures went viral on Asian and Arabic social media websites. She also has a you tube account (http://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti?feature=g-user-u). Right now, she is currently living in Tokyo, working as a model.

(I do not take credit for any of these images)

Venus angelic

A 15 year old girl from London (her real name is Venus Isabelle Palermo). She lived in Japan for two years, which inspired her. She became popular due to her make-up tutorials on you tube (http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCIyMwXronD5pT5cx-G_KSHA) also she has a blog (http://www.venusangelic.com/). Her voice and accent are really something else which has left people believing she fakes it.
"I think it sounds that way because I speak five languages and all the accents mix together," she replies to this. she can speak five languages .
Venus’ make-up consists of the following: three layers of moisturizer, two layers of pink concealer, pink eye shadow, plenty of mascara and false eyelashes. She puts on some circle lenses to finish the look. You can go see it on you tube.

(I do not take credit for any of these images)

Valeria Lukyanova

She is 21 years old and from Ukraine. She is known as real-life "human barbie". She began by posting videos on you tube (http://www.youtube.com/user/Amatue). In an interview with V Magazine, Valeria insists that her looks are all her own: "Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves. It’s hard work, but they dismiss it as something done by surgeons or computer artists''. she is also a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel.

(I do not take credit for any of these images)

Anastasiya Shpagina

She is 19 years old and also from Ukraine. She has turned herself into a real life anime-girl, this make-up is part of her daily ritual. She is 158cm tall and weighs around 40kg. She's also changed her name to Fukkacumi. She is considering permanently enhancing her eyes this way with surgery. She also has you tube videos ( http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCI3Mrva19d3EetUOCmygPKA). She is friends with  Valeria Lukyanova, and they appear in photographs together on Facebook. She has also met up with Venus angelic, the video can be seen om you tube.

(I do not take credit for any of these images)

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