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These poems do not live, it's a sad diagnosis.
They grew their toes and fingers well enough,
Their little foreheads buldged with concentration.
If they missed out on walking about like people
It wasn't for any lack of mother-love

O I cannot understand what happned to them!
They are proper in shape and number and every part.
They sit so nicely in the pickling fluid!
They smile and smile and smile at me.
And still the lungs won't fill and the heart won't start.

They are not pigs, they are not even fish,
Though they have a piggy and a fishy air-
It would be better if they were alive, and that's what they were.
But they are dead, and their mother nearly dead with distraction,
And they stupidly stare, and do not speak to her.

By Sylvia Plath

healthy hair tips

I have looked far and wide to find the best way to take care of my hair, and in my journey these are some of the helpful things I learned:

  •  Washing your hair with cold water instead of warm water lessens damage.
  • In addition to that Blowdrying your hair with cold air instead of hot air also gives less damage (I do know not everyone has these expensive hair dryers).
  • Heat deviant products are not just for straightening your hair! The sun actually does damage your hair, and fades colour. So using heat protecting spray/ cream helps.
  • Hair brushes and combs actaully get build up of all the products you use so it is a good idea to regularly clean them.
  • Everyone has diffrent hair so I can't say what works for you, but experiment to get the perfect shampoo and conditioner (I like elvive and dove).
  • Don't towel dry your hair (never roughly). It takes the moisture out of your hair.
  • Try a leave in conditioner, hair treatment (once a week at the most, the protein in some of these products can have the opposite effect of what you want if used too often) and dry shampoo. These are great products.
  • Instead of washing with shampoo , try just shampooing the roots of your hair and applying conditioner to the ends.
  • Regularly go to get rid of dry ends, this will ultimately leave hair healthy and it will grow faster.
  • If you are not sure of a haircolour try l'Oreal Paris casting creme gloss (it is demi-permanent and will wash out). Or Colour extreme hair art.
  • chlorine in pools can fade or change your hair colour.
  • Use a colour locking product after dying hair to keep the colour.
  • If you regularly colour hair it is better to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners that you will get at a hair salon (it is well worth it).
  • You will not always get the right colour with D.I.Y hair colour at home as the box show results on virgin hair. If you have coloured your hair before remember most dyes have a red undertone.
  • By taking vitamins A,C or E and eating foods rich in anti-oxidents and omega 3 fatty acids you will impove the heath and shine of your hair.
  • You can make a D.I.Y hair mask with avacado oil, egg yolk and your favourite conditioning treatment.
  • Some of my personal favourite hair products are: TRESemme Smooth heat defence creme serum, L'Oreal Parir elvive total repair conditioning restaring spray, Sunsilk for damage hair daily oil moisturising spray, TRESemme anti-breakage heat defence styling spray, Dove intensive repair deep repair treatment mask (keep in mind these might not be what works for you).

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Snow white skin

This is an all natural formula for skin bleach

Though it is all natural, it can still harm you (happened to me!). This does really work. The good thing about this is that it will also help with uneven skin tone (for those pimple scars).

lemons/ lemon juice

There are two ways to apply this:

1. You mix even amounts in a small tea cup and apply to skin directly. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off.

2.Run a bathtub. Get about 4 lemons, cut them in half. squeez the juice out into the bathtub and throw the remaining pieces in also. You can add lemon juice as well. Pour a 2l milk into tub and a big tub of yogurt. Soak in the bathtub for an hour and then remove. (As disgusting as it sounds off-milk is more effective with this formula- just mentioning it-).

If you feel an ithchy/ burning sensation wash off immediatly!

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A hairy situation

Do you have trouble finding a product that actually stimulates hair growth?

This is tried and tested! I get all the ingredients at Dis-chem. 

the formula is:

Placenta (the green kair bottle)        1/2 bottle ( 100 ml)
bergamot essence oil                       10ml
Bay rum oil                                      1/2 bottle ( 100 ml )

(sorry if I spelled anything incorrectly) In case I did just ask for assistance and I'm sure they will be able to help you. 

This definitely works and the more you put on the quicker your hair will grow. You may want to be a bit cautious though because it will make your hair oily if you apply too much. At one point I applied it every hour and my hair grew about a centimeter in that day. It also depends on how fast your hair grows, mine grows really fast naturally. It also works most effectively after a bath. lastly the easiest way to apply is to put it all in the Kair placenta bottle and spray it on. 

Princess AI fashion

My favorite fashion manga, I can't get enough of the style. Anytime I am stuck and absolutely can't think of an idea, I consult my princess Ai manga (and I always find something new in it that inspires me). One day I want my closet to resemble this! Even if you are not into manga it is well worth the purchase for art and fashion inspiration. There is also a second series out now with many more amazing fashion creations. 

 Thank you Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love and D.J. Milky!

(I do not take credit for any of these pictures)