How to draw (the very beginning)

How do you actually teach someone how to draw-This thought first occurred to me in my Fashion illustration class when someone said "I would pay you to teach me how to draw". I taught myself through trial and error and I am still constantly changing my drawing style as I get inspired by new things. Whenever I want to explore a new style of drawing for example realistic vs. anime or shounen vs. shoujo , I guess that I basically teach myself how to draw. 

Firstly I think it is important to get the basics down, before getting into developing your own style. What I would do for this is gather a bunch of different tutorials that appeal to me (like below) and then try them each out- then I stick to the one I can do the best or practice practice practice the one I like the best until I can do it. And after some time of repetition you will start to develop your own style. So below I have gathered some really helpful tutorials . It's important to me also to look at how different people draw things differently, this will give you an idea of all your options of how to draw certain things. Also one way may be more difficult or appealing to you than another. Then  you can use what you have learned in your own style (once you have developed your own style). 

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