A hairy situation

Do you have trouble finding a product that actually stimulates hair growth?

This is tried and tested! I get all the ingredients at Dis-chem. 

the formula is:

Placenta (the green kair bottle)        1/2 bottle ( 100 ml)
bergamot essence oil                       10ml
Bay rum oil                                      1/2 bottle ( 100 ml )

(sorry if I spelled anything incorrectly) In case I did just ask for assistance and I'm sure they will be able to help you. 

This definitely works and the more you put on the quicker your hair will grow. You may want to be a bit cautious though because it will make your hair oily if you apply too much. At one point I applied it every hour and my hair grew about a centimeter in that day. It also depends on how fast your hair grows, mine grows really fast naturally. It also works most effectively after a bath. lastly the easiest way to apply is to put it all in the Kair placenta bottle and spray it on. 

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