Grunge couture

Basically a cropped top, over sized shirt (chiffon or collared), shorts and boots. Shirt must have a loud print, you could do floral printed shorts and have another print on the shirt (just make sure they match). Or just a pastel coloured shirt.

A floral printed dress with a loosely fitted gray/pastel coloured knitted jersey. long socks (knee high) and skater shoes/ boots. You could also have a rocker jacket with this. 

Very loose fitted top with a print on it. A chiffon skirt and tiny waist belt. Let the shirt hang over the skirt slightly. Some black tights (these can be ripped also). You could add a cross necklace and beanie optional. For shoes boots/ skater shoes. 

Long sleeve fitted dress (with a bold print). Waist coat and  ankle boots (these must be the same colour).

Pastel coloured loosely fitted dress (chiffon will work too). ankle boots and a hat. You can add a cross necklace/ ripped stockings. 

pastel coloured collar shirt. a long chiffon skirt centered at the waist (can be floral printed). tights/leggings/ skinny jeans under with ankle boots and a hat . 

Loose fitted printed shirt with shorts (shorts can be floral print). stockings and ankle boots/skater shoes. A long chiffon coat. You can add a beanie to this. 

Cute dress/ skirt and top (top preferable collared shirt) with ankle boots. 

Over sized collared shirt with a vintage dress ans stockings. Add skater shoes/ankle boots/cowboy boots and sunglasses(optional). 

A collared shirt with a t-shirt over (t-shirt must have a print on). shorts and stockings with skater shoes/ankle boots. 

A leather jacket (preferably to the waist) with a printed shirt. Shorts with stockings/ printed skinny jeans with ankle boots. 

Collared shirt with a printed jersey over it and ripped skinny jeans/ floral printed skinny jeans. Add ankle boots. 

Loose fitting dress held at middle with a thin belt. stockings and boots. 

cropped top (printed) with a long chiffon skirt. A normal skirt underneath and ankle boots. 

Over sized knitted jersey with a loud print (literally long enough to pass as a dress) , stockings (can be ripped) and ankle boots. You can also add a printed scarf. 

loose fitting printed t-shirt with a chiffon skirt (at waist) and a thin best. Can add hat and sun glasses. 

Chiffon shirt (pastel coloured) with shorts (can be floral printed or black) with ankle boots/ skater shoes. A long knitted jersey (also pastel coloured), can have 3 quarter sleeves. 

Long loose fitting dress (must be slightly cinched at waist) - this will work in chiffon also- with ankle boots. You can add a long necklace or a fake-fur waist coat. 

Leather jacket with loud printed top (very over sized, almost a dress). Shorts with tights and knee high stockings (long socks, if you can get above knee high that's better) and ankle boots/ skater shoes. Add a beanie. 

Printed collar shirt (very over-sized) with an over sized pastel coloured shirt. Leggings (works better if the leggings appear to be leather) and ankle boots. Add a printed chiffon scarf. 

A collar shirt (floral printed) with a loose fitting jersey over (pastel coloured). shorts with a long chiffon skirt over (printed, but different print to the shirt). skater shoes/ ankle boots.  

leather/ denim jacket over a vintage dress with stockings (can be ripped) and ankle boots/ skater shoes. 

stripped loose fitting shirt with jersey and shorts (these can be pastel coloured) . Add thigh high socks,beanie and ankle boots. 

Loose fitted dress that is cinched at the waist with a knitted jersey (can be light colours as above) . Tights (can be ripped) and ankle boots/ skater shoes.  

loose fitted top (over sized) with a fake-fur waist coat. A layered skirt with stockings and ankle boots/ skater shoes. Can add a beanie. 

loose fitted or vintage dress with a thick belt and ankle boots/ skater shoes. add a hat.

(I do not take credit for any of these images)

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